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Since the conception of marriage, couples have individually passed down the hurtful insight that sex stops after marriage. Figuratively, this is true and now there's a solution. Love Throb works because it allows couples that are stuck in a rut to mentally and physically connect more consistently in a way that feels random. We call it 'Spontaneous Scheduling'. - Roy Oliver CEO

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Your lover will be the seducer, so sit back, relax, and wait for the pleasure to begin.

This is your day to fully enjoy bonding with each another. Making love is the only thing that matters and can happen at any time.


After you register as a couple, Love Throb automatically sends you both an invitation for making love and will continue doing so every 3 to 5 days. The service can be paused at any time. It feels magically spontaneous and the invite indicates who will initiate foreplay, so that both of you fairly take turns making the first move.

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Marriage is hard work. With so many daily responsibilities, it is easy for your relationship to become disconnected. When you both stop connecting like you used to, being unsatisfied becomes your new normal. A vicious cycle that is hard to penetrate with a solution that minimizes arguments and prevents infedelity or divorce.

Remember when you thought getting married was... finish reading this

Remember when you thought getting married was going to be an elevated continuation of the joys you experienced while dating? You are not alone, if things did not turn out as you hoped. After the honeymoon phase and a few disagreements, at some point reality kicks in and smashes your relationship ideals into a million pieces. You then realize how challenging it is to keep a life long spouse satisfied while focusing on your own happiness. Marriage has a funny way of forcing you to learn more about yourself including a few unknown personality traits of your loved one.

Unavoidably, to combat this, you both compromise your behaviors and actions to establish a new sense of happiness. As more time passes, at some point you realize that it has been too long since you both enjoyed foreplay leading up to sex. You later determine that your mate is displaying all the signs of having intimacy anorexia.

This is where they have acquired a mental block on becoming aroused and will make excuses as to why they are not in the mood for sex. At that point, most would seek marriage counseling and pay a marriage therapist or marriage counselor between $75 to $200 (USD) per session for several months in hopes of finding a solution.

Now with Love Throb, there's another solution to experiment with. If you want the Happily Ever After Marriage that you thought you were getting, it has to be earned and maintained. There are no breaks. You both have to commit to frequently spending time with each other on an intimate level for connecting your minds, bodies, and spirits. Otherwise, you both will continue to fall out of alignment and spiral down into the pit of misery.

That is a lot to think about and it is extremely difficult for any couple to achieve consistently. For many individual, this becomes forgetful over time, which can lead to a sex starved marriage and undesirable attitudes. Let us remove that burden for you. Since Love Throb is automated, it does the thinking for you, so you are free to focus on your other responsibilities.

Love Throb disrupts a sexless marriage by acting as a 3rd-party entity that spontaneously schedules your dates to be inimate in the most way imaginable. Think about this. Couples have schedules for their jobs, parenting, hobbies, and social gatherings, but not for their love life because it wouldn’t feel spontaneous...


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Your marriage does not have to be void of intimacy. With Love Throb, you could be making love between 73 to 121 days annually. Let Love Throb spontaneously keep your love life passionately consistent.