Privacy Policy

Updated September 14, 2019

Read this document to learn how information is processed as devices and users interact with Love Throb. The following words, when used in official content such as this document, generally refers to the service entity Love Throb: "LT", "business", "we", "us", "our", "here", "site", or "service."

Personal Identifiable Information

Your information, also known as Personal Identifiable Information (PII), is any combination of data that can be used to uniquely identify you.

As a guest to the site, there are resources that do not require your participation of providing personal information. For resources that require your participation, the following is the personal information that you may be asked to provide:

Personalization Information

As with most internet resources, we attempt to place tracking data on your device for both security and personalization purposes. The following is the tracking data we may store on your connected device:

In general, devices provide the means to disable both cookies and Javascript. Javascript is a powerful scripting language used for a variety of reasons to enhance user experience. Disabling cookies or Javascript, as with most sites, can cause a negative user experience. Doing so on any site can prevent accessing user privileged areas.

Public Technical Inforamtion

When visiting any public resource such as this site, there is limited data that is accessible from your connection and from your device. We collect your IP address (a.k.a., Internet Protocol address) to monitor both healthy and malicious traffic; which we have many ways of determining. This address is required to connect your device to the internet. For performance analysis, we may collect calculations provided from your device to determine rendering speeds. We may also collect any identifiable information about your device for our internal purposes.

Managing Your Data

You have the right to modify your personal information at in any time. Should you have issues with modifying or deleting these data, contact us for support; we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

The site collects your data, so that we can fulfill our obligations and improve our services. Your personal information is not sold or rented to third parties. All personal information is encrypted using one of the highest available cryptography standards. We use your information to:

In rare instances, we may be required by law to disclose your data to legal officials should you come under lawful investigation. We are under no obligation to notify you should this occur. However, we may attempt to notify you as a courtesy.

Much like with financial and legal institutions, most activity generated by you is never deleted. We reserve the right to use this activity to enhance our services. When requesting an account deletion, this deactivates the account credential. In other words, the account's access is removed. Should you decide to reclaim your account in the future, you can pick-up where you left off.

If you have concerns and would like all of your data deleted, contact us with the request. Do understand that if any of your activities involves another member, your portion of the interaction would be deleted and not removed from the other member's history.

Information Sharing

Love Throb uses one or more financial service providers for payment processing. They are used as third-party subprocessors. These are vetted partners that have passed the highest levels of security standards required by the banking industry. We are under the impression that these partners do not rent nor sell your information, judging by their own privacy policy.

Although we handle most processing on our systems, there may be situations that calls for us to store limited information on third-party systems that we have accounts for. This is usually the case with e-mail notifications. A lot of sites use third-party e-mailing services for delivering messages to their customers, subscribers, or prospects. In order to do so, sites must establish protected accounts on those systems to store limited customer information such as their name and e-mail address. As stated earlier, we are under the impression these partners do not rent nor sell your information, judging by their own privacy policy.

We take your privacy extremely seriously. If you believe your information has been breached, contact us immediately, so that we can launch a full investigation.

Communicationis Optare

Communicationis is Latin for communication and optare is Latin for the verb opt, which means to make a choice, want or a wish. This section describes your rights for opting-out of receiving communication from us.

You may unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving promotional or subscription messages. There are some messages, however, that you may not opt-out of. These are important messages that are not related to common marketing content. For important updates such as policy changes and significant service changes, we may still send you those rare notifications.

Should any of our messages inconvenience your lifestyle in any way, please contact us and we will address the issue.

Data Protection

Your personal data is protected on our systems with one of the highest levels of encryption. Through the site, your account is assessible by logging-in with your registered credentials. We do not force members to apply rigid password formats. The only limitation we apply is that your password must be within fifty characters.

You are responsible for choosing how difficult or strong your password is. Obviously, you should not share your password with anyone. As a best practice, you should strive to use a phrase or a series of words as your password. This dramatically makes guessing your password difficult for attackers using manual or automated malicious attempts against your account.

As with all systems that enforces encryption such as financial and healthcare institutions, no practice is 100% impenetrable. No system, including ours, can fully guarantee impenetrable security. Any questions that you may have regarding our security practices, contact us at any time.

Prospect E-mail Referrals

Due to the nature of our site, we may acquire your e-mail from someone that is close to you; someone such as a friend, spouse, or relative. If you feel this was done so in error, contact us immediately and we will remove you from any distribution list that you may have been added to in the process.

Privacy Policy Changes

Love Throb reserves the right to modify or amend privacy policy changes at any time. For significant changes, we will notify you by e-mail or though push notification before updates are applied. This gives you the opportunity to handle your account in any way allowed or permitted before changes take effect. If for any reason you were not made aware of policy changes, we are not responsible for those changes inconveniencing you. However, you may contact us if you were inconvenienced and we will determine if there is anything we can do to easily remedy your issue.